JULIE MORLEY is an environmental educator, author and speaker on complexity, consciousness, ecology and interspecies creativity. She studied Classics at University of Southern California and Columbia University. She received her MA in Transformative Leadership from California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is currently a doctoral student. Her research focus is Interspecies intersubjectivity. She resides in Sebastopol, CA.

Future Sacred: The Connected Creativity of Nature combines cultural criticism, history, philosophy and complexity theory to describe a radical approach to rethinking our future. The book describes how our new empirical understanding of reality counters the modern view of nature as a static backdrop for human culture. Morley conveys how we are beginning to understand nature as a dazzling, complex creative process in which we always participate. She suggests that it is how we participate that matters.

Future Sacred proposes that we attempt to understand better the complex, connective patterns and principles that unite us, and that we respect and support the beautiful diversity of our animate, sentient world. This understanding and respect compels us to partner with, rather than attempt to oppress each other and the more-than-human world. Morley elaborates on how modernity’s dualistic, positivist and social Darwinist worldviews created rigidly hierarchical, oppressive and extractive societal systems. What we are now calling the Anthropocene compels us to awaken and respond to alarming planetary disruption wrought by these delusional and destructive worldviews and systems. Morley suggests a radical shift: synergy with sacred regenerative principles embodied in diverse human and nonhuman knowledge systems, applied responsibly through co-creative and compassionate technologies toward the best possible future for all beings.