Biomimicry Principles


Our continued existence depends on awakening to, and enacting, the following principles:

Evolve to Survive
•    Replicate nature’s strategies—they work.
•    Integrate the unexpected—by planning for uncertainty.
•    Reshuffle information—to enhance novelty and creativity.

Adapt to Changing Conditions
•    Incorporate diversity—to multiply options.
•    Maintain integrity—through self-renewal.
•    Embody resilience—through variation, redundancy and decentralization.

Be Locally Attuned and Responsive
•    Leverage cyclic processes—as nature does.
•    Use readily available materials and energy—as nature does.
•    Use feedback loops—as nature does.
•    Cultivate cooperative relationships—as nature does.

Integrate Development with Growth
•    Self-organize—as all organisms do.
•    Build from the bottom up—as organisms do.
•    Combine modular and nested components—for enhanced efficiency.

Be Resource Efficient
•    Use low-energy processes.
•    Use multi-functional design.
•    Recycle all materials.
•    Fit form to function.

Use Life-Friendly Chemistry
•    Break down products into benign constituents.
•    Build selectively with a small subset of elements.
•    Do chemistry in water.