Sacred Futurism

We live in a time of volatility as human-catalyzed disturbances to Earth’s rare and fragile systems create ecological and societal upheaval. These dire challenges also present opportunities to awaken and respond with compassionate creativity. Sacred futurism approaches world building through creative connectedness and synergy—the idea that our animate world is filled with sentient creativity at every scale. To build a future that supports the flourishing of all beings, we must consider diverse knowledge systems and embrace sacred principles of regeneration



Sacred principles

Sacred Principles are regenerative principles. My sense of the word sacred aligns with the Latin word sacrare, which means, “to devote or dedicate.” 


Complexity consciousness

Complexity consciousness means cultivating the ability to think about thinking. 


creative synergy

Creative Synergy means that cosmic creativity unfolds out of the intrinsic tendency collaborate in mutually beneficial solutions.