Sacred Principles

Sacred Principles are regenerative principles. My sense of the word sacred predates a modern religious sense of the word, but rather aligns with the Latin word sacrare, which means, “to devote or dedicate.” Sacredness entails devotion or dedication; we practice the sacred by devoting ourselves and dedicating ourselves to someone or something we love or care about. Sacredness means we consider something special enough to deserve our care and commitment. Principles are foundational bases for behavior of humans and the more-than-human world. Based upon a principle or set of principles, we might act in a certain way. Sacred principles embody devotion and dedication toward regenerative planetary strategies. Our continued existence depends on awakening to, and enacting, the following principles:

  • Pluralist Planetary Society:  We must now begin to cultivate a pluralist planetary society. Our recognition that diversity--biological and cultural—is the essential creative expression that regenerates our world compels us collaborate.
  • Transform our Thinking: We also need to change the way we think about thinking and open up to diverse, forgotten, and suppressed valid ways of knowing.
  • Embrace complexity and uncertainty:  We cannot escape the reality of complexity--as novelty, ambiguity, and uncertainty continue to grow. Complexity research reveals chaos at the heart of all order and life. Attempts to suppress complexity, chaos, and uncertainty result in stagnation and death. 
  • Living systems thrive on regeneration: We must learn to accept, embrace and use complexity by understanding and manifesting the sacred principles of regeneration.